WordPress Simple Firewall: A Great WordPress Security Plugin

WordPress Simple Firewall, Its a new great security plugin for WordPress. WordPress Security is trending topic these days. If you own a WordPress blog or website, security should be your first priority.

WordPress Simple Firewall

Imagine that situation, when due to lack of proper security majors, your site got hacker attack. What will you do then? Nothing. Your blog or website will surely get infiltrated by hackers. There will be many problems when the website attacked and hacked. If you don’t have any backup, there many problems like unable to restore the blog, unless your hosting provider have recent backup. Also it can have negative impact on ranking of the site in search engines,

We should always prevent our site from getting security attack, rather than curing it later. Take a look at your blog, whether is fully secured or not? Is it capable of stopping security attacks. What type of WordPress security tips are you following? I hope your blogs are fully secured.

Although there are many WordPress security plugins for better security. But a newbie security plugin is there. Its name is WordPress Simple Firewall. It is developed by iControlWP. So lets get more detail information about this great security plugin.

WordPress Simple Firewall: The Perfect WordPress Security Plugin

This plugin is a great WordPress Security Management plugin. This plugin through fixes some issues of exiting security plugin and WordPress like:

  • Simple to use
  • Compatibility issues with web hosting
  • Fully effective

Features Of WordPress Simple Firewall

1. Plugin Self Protection

If you have multiple administrator site, than this plugin is like a blessing. By turning on Admin Access Protection feature, this plugin will only be accessed by those admin who knows the authentication key. Until you have not authenticated, its impossible to change any plugin setting or deactivating it.

2. WordPress Firewall

By its name you have already imagined that this plugin will have a good firewall feature. The firewall in this plugin is an Application Level Firewall. It mean it only takes action at WordPress level. First you set the rules in this firewall. On the basis of these rule, it load and blocks the data in the request. It also analyzes the data sent in GET and POST data request.

It mainly prevents WordPress from receiving/using malicious data. There are many options available in this firewall section. Configure it according to your need and by proper care.

3. WordPress Login & Brute Force Hacking Prevention

Believe it, the login & brute force prevention og this plugin is industry standard. The plugin developer also claims that there is no plugin free or paid that have such degree of brute force prevention. It also verifies all the users who are logged in. It verifies the users with multi-factor authentication.

This plugin uses 4 type of highly effective techniques to prevent brute force attack. This include two-factor authentication, login coll-down system, JavaScript bot blocking (GASP) and remote login prevention.

4. Prevents Spam Comments

Spam comments in WordPress sites is headache for many bloggers. This plugin quickly identifies and differentiates between Human and Bot comments. It have two techniques to tackle both for human and bot comments. The spam filtering feature of this plugin even beats Akismet, the number plugin for handling spam comments.

Some Key Points About WordPress Simple Firewall

There are some key worthy points about this plugin, which are listed below:

  • These plugin use built-in WordPress functions and features. It is also backward compatible with old version of WordPress.
  • No disk writing dependency. It means it will compatible in most web hosting environments.
  • It makes no editing in .htacess file, which is responsible for many site failures.
  • It takes very less memory footprint and consumes less resources of server.
  • There is no premium version of this plugin. All features are included in free version.
  • It average rating is 4.9 out of 5 at the time of writing.

More detailed info about this plugin can be found at iControlWP.


This plugin is a great WordPress security plugin to use on your WordPress site. According to some review at WordPress plugin repository. it can replace about 2-3 security plugins like Akismet and Wordfence. So I recommend you to give this plugin a try and enjoy a safer WordPress blog.

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