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SEO PowerSuite: Best SEO Tool For Every Blogger & Webmaster

SEO PowerSuite is one of my favorite SEO Toolkit that I use every day.
I consider SEO PowerSuite is the secret behind my success.  I have been using this Toolkit from long time after using this SEO tool I can say that this is must have Tool for every Internet Marketer.
What Is SEO PowerSuite?
SEO PowerSuite is an all-in-one SEO tool kit that you can use to help your site rank higher.

Now, let’s be honest, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not the easiest topic to get your head around, especially for newbies.  There is SO much information that you need to research and monitor, which ends up being quite time consuming.  This is where SEO PowerSuite comes in.

The software consists of 4 separate tools; LinkAssistant, Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor and SEO SpyGlass, with each serving a different purpose.  Let’s take a look at each of them to give you a better understanding of how they work.

What is inside SEO PowerSuite?
Rank Tracker
SEO SpyGlass
Link Assistant
WebSite Auditor
#1. Rank Tracker
Rank Tracker is one of my favorite & most used Tool. I’m using this Tool Every Day 
I’m working on many Micro Niches sites to make money online. So I don’t think without Rank Tracker I can complete all my tasks easily and such fast.
I’m using Rank Tracker to track Performance of my niches site and their Keywords rankings in various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.
Before using Rank Tracker, I was using SerpBook to track rankings of my keywords which is cloud-based Rank Tracking Tool its cost me about $20 to track 100 keywords. 
But now I’m using Rank Tracker which allows me to track unlimited keywords ranking very fast and effectively at No Extra Cost. 

 You can also check:
Progress graph.
History record.
Ranking data.
Visibility graph.
Keyword difficulty
How I Use Rank Tracker To Evaluating Competition of Keyword
Rank Tracker is one of my secret weapon that I used to find low competition & easy to rank Keywords. 

We already know that evaluating competitiveness of any keyword is not easy Job because there are several factors are work behind ranking of any site.
But, Rank Tracker made my work easier than ever before because once you add keywords into tool and click on keyword “Keyword difficulty” tab and click on “Update” button and Tool will show you all data that you need to evaluate competition of any keyword.
At push of button, You can see all data of Top 10 ranking sites like its Domain Authority, Page Authority, Backlinks to Page, No of Backlinks to site, Social signals, Domain Age everything that matters to achieve Top ranking in SERP.
If overall difficulty of any keyword below 30, That means it is easy to rank.
 #2. SEO Spyglass
There are many cloud-based Tool and services which are charging hundreds of dollars each month to spy on your competitors sites and check their backlinks etc.
I’m also using Ahrefs to spy on my competitors and check their backlinks to find link building opportunity. I was paying $79 Per Month to use Ahrefs. 
But now with SEO Spyglass I can spy on all my competitors and check their backlinks and find high-quality targets to build backlinks easily. 
Really Only, SEO Spyglass paid money for itself.
After all if you want to build backlinks easily than easiest way is check your competitors backlinks and build your own links there. 
Let’s See SEO Spyglass in Action
Step 1: Just enter the website URL which you want to analyze. for this example I’m going to use and press next button now Tool will take some time.

Once Process completed you can see the list of backlinks that have and BOOM I found almost 25,000 backlinks. 
Step 2: After Process completed I would recommend you to “Update Factors”  now select factors that you want to update and press ok.
Once Process completed you can check details of backlinks like
Total Number of Backlinks.
Backlinks Details.
Link penalty risks.
Traffic comes from Backlinks.
#3. WebSite Auditor
If you are doing SEO for clients and running SEO agency than website auditor is perfect Tool for you.
Website Auditor is another best tool comes with SEO PowerSuite with use of this tool you can review onsite SEO.
If you are providing SEO services than Website Auditor help you to generate complete onsite report by pressing one click.
Website Auditor download all information from your website and analyze whole site and check for onsite problems.
Let’s See Website Auditor in Action
Step 1: Generating report for your website is very simple just enter your website URL and press “next” button. wait some time.

Step 2: Once process completed you need to “update factors” by clicking on button on top.
Step 3:  Now choose page ranking factors that you want to update and click on “next” button.
Here you can see report generated for
Website Auditor performs Audits like
Find all technical issues
Crawling stats
Encoding and technical errors
URLs related issues
Page Related issues
Content Related issues
CSS validation
HTML validation
Google PR distribution
Broken links
#4. Link Assistant
Link Assistant is Tool that changed my entire way of link building in SEO.
With use of this tool, You can manage all tasks related to link building at one place.
Link Assistant will find high-quality niche relevant backlinks and help you to find potential link partners to exchange high-quality backlinks.
Using Link Assistant you can automate process of Guest posting.
Let’s See Link Assistant in Action
 Step 1: Setting up Link Assistant is really very simple just open and Enter your website URL.
Step 2: Now It will ask you to enter your name and email address submit and press “next” and now wait for complete process.
Step 3: Now click on “Look for Partners” and now Tool will ask you to select method of acquiring new link partners.
Once process completed you can see the list of all potential links partners and their email addresses.

Using Link Assistant you can
Find high PR websites to exchange backlinks.
Send mail directly with pre-made email templates.
Check verified link status.
Check for failed link status.
Anchor variation.
Final Words
After using SEO Powersuite from long time, I can say that if you are really serious about SEO & Internet Marketing then it is must have tool for you.
It  is one of the best SEO tool, I ever found and changed the way how I do SEO. Now most of my SEO works are dependent on SEO PowerSuite and It does a pretty good job.
Definitely SEO PowerSuite is a complete SEO Software which you should have.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

BeginUp Now Offering SEO Training in Kochi

BeginUp a SEO and digital marketing training company is now offering their services in Cochin.They provide both group classes and personal classes as well to excel the SEO skills of a student who comes in.

They've completed some good amount of class and they've an online forum too, to help out their students in the future.They provide individual class series so called "BeginUp Solo" which is the best for someone who is intended to learn seo personally or for someone who is looking for a job,

Their SEO training in kochi is rated by 4.9/5 and it's the best on the market.Especially the tutors and the class atmosphere is also the best.Here you can read some testimonials before taking the decisions ;)

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Why to Choose Movavi Video Suite for Making Video?

Home film manufacturers are increasing which means the advance of movies modifying software programs are furthermore flourishing. Movavi Video suit package is software that offers an individual eight resources inside of one pack. These people include video suit change, making slideshows, being able to view on line films, splitting, joining, and also change videos, using up Digital video disks (DVD), Playback, as well as movie shifting. The start display demonstrates to you the assortment of resources available, right after picking one you will be come to the average person tool's exhibit which can be somewhat roomy. Considering the separation of every program commemorate this system really user friendly even for virtually any novice particular person. Use this software to make a movie anytime on your PC.
Why to Choose Movavi Video Suite for Making Video?

Movavi Video suite support

However, it comes with the particular component of recording movie coming from webcams as well as ripping video. Whenever taking videos the format is saves as they are .avi but you won't need to maintain it because information file format. You're able to transform that to numerous end result varieties for many recognized tools. A few of these include but they're not really tied to apple iphone, mp3 player, a wide range of additional mobile phones, Pocket PC, PSP, along with the Zune.
Using the modifying feature you can get the video suit you've made and also use numerous improvements filter systems, as well as results with it. Just how it is proven it’s possible to decide to make use of the various alterations either to all of the video suitor simply just specific servings than it. It genuinely lets you get control of the way you want your own movie to show out there. Yet another way to modify the video can be creating a movie concept. You can actually move your own movies in to a body and include any caption; creating a good customized custom to send to be able to anybody. There is certainly pointless to deliver basic e-cards when you are able to produce your personal greetings making use of Movavi Video suite.

There isn't any valid reason to be able to really feel fearful of movies editing any longer. Making use of Movavi Video suite you might be capable to allow your own creativity spark.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Close to the Nature After Checking PNR Status: Darjeeling

Counted as an important part of the Indian state of West Bengal, Darjeeling is a small town that lies in the lesser Himalayan range. This hill station is located in the Eastern part of the country and it is still remote and unexplored. It is all known as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’ and is famous for its tea production and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railways, also counted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are keen on feeling the power of peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city and crowds and all the noise that is generally associated with a travel hot spots, Darjeeling is the perfect destination to serve your desires.
Beautiful Darjeeling
It is undoubtedly a very beautiful hill station in the North East part of India. The eastern Himalayas are generally referred to the ‘blue mountains’ and Darjeeling enjoys the natural beauty of the lush slopes of these mountains. It is a popular leisure spot for the local tourists, plus, here you can also find the wide spread and the oldest colonial tea plantations producing India’s finest tea till date. The hill station has a cool fresh air and anyone can feel the soothe of the expansive greenery that it has. And the best part is, that there are several tea estates, which are also open to the public and you can get to know how they process the country’s finest tea and about their sample signature blends too.
Darjeeling: At Its Crux
Ø  Tibetan people make the majority of population in Darjeeling.
Ø  It is counted among one of the popular holiday destinations in India, owing to its scenic beauty and pleasant climate. Flora around Darjeeling comprises sal, oak, rare orchids, semi-evergreen, temperate and alpine forests.
Ø  Darjeeling is also popular for its British style public schools, this is why, many students from across India and even neighbouring countries come here for schooling.
Ø  The best time to visit Darjeeling is from September to June.
How will you reach there?
Darjeeling is very well connected by railways, airways and roadways.
-          No matter, whether you are starting from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai or any other city of India, there are many trains to reach Darjeeling. Either, you can talk to a travel agent for your Darjeeling tour or you can simply make the irctc train enquiry on the department’s official website and fetch all the concerned information. From checking the availability of the train and the ticket till booking of your tickets to the destination, indian railways pnr services are available online for almost every purpose. With your ticket pnr number, you can anytime from anywhere, visit the link  or utilize the services for your purpose.
-          Darjeeling is also well connected by road. It enjoys a strong roadway network that is convenient for travelling to the hill station by bus, taxi or a private vehicle. FYI, regular bus services is available to and fro Darjeeling with various neighbouring cities like Siliguri, Kurseong, Gangtok and Kalimpong.
-          If you wish to cover the distance to this majestic hill station via the airways, you can book your air tickets up till Bagdogra near Siliguri. It is the nearest airport to Darjeeling and is located at a distance of 68 km from the hill station. The airport is connected by regular flights to many Indian cities like Delhi, Kolkata and Guwahati, etc.
Darjeeling Calling
Indeed, Darjeeling is amazingly beautiful with natural scenic portfolios. There are many attractions in the hill station, which cannot be missed at any cost. Here below we have mentioned a few for your quick reference:
Ø  Tiger Hills: A trip to Darjeeling is absolutely incomplete without exploring these hills. After all, they give you a chance to view the Kanchendzonga Peak, and the world's most beautiful sunrise. Do you know that people travel to Darjeeling from many different parts of the world to witness this spectacle? Yes, it’s true.
Ø  Darjeeling has many beautiful Tibetan monasteries and Buddhist temples, where your soul and body can experience and breathe in peace and calm. The most popular religious place in Darjeeling is the Bhutia Busty Gompa that is built against the backdrop of the Kanchendzonga Peak.
Ø  Have you visited Ghoom? If you are in Darjeeling or planning a visit here, make sure that you take a short trip to Ghoom. There, you can visit the Yiga Choeling Monastery to experience its positive vibes. The air is chilly there with darkness and damp. You should not miss the Japanese temple and Peace Pagoda also.
Ø  Pashupati Nagar makes another important name in Darjeeling. It is a small area at the Indo-Nepal border, where you can spend quality time enjoying the beautiful Mirik Lake, boating, tea treat and hot Tibetan food.
Accomodation in Darjeeling
If you have got your travel bookings made by a travel agent, he would have made all the arrangements, catering to your needs and specifications. But, if you have planned the whole trip yourself, you ought to know a few important points about the accommodations and the hotels and services available in Darjeeling for your convenient stay and travel. There are many names in the list, falling in every budget, including mid range hotels and top end properties. Some of them are Andy’s Guest House, Hotel Tower View, Windamere Hotel, Mayfair Darjeeling, Main Olde Bellevue Hotel Seven Seventeen and many more.
And yes, to try the local food and dishes, check out the menus of the various hotels and restaurants that can serve you, local as well as other interesting cuisines too. Naming a few, Park Restaurant, Sonam’s Kitchen, Glenary’s, Kung’a, Hasty Tasty, etc.
Attractions Shortlisted Along With Excursions
For your quick reference, Darjeeling has a few hot favourite attractions and opportunistic excursions. Here below is the list of the same:
  1. Botanical Garden and Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park
  2. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling Museum, Darjeeling Monasteries
  3. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (a Unesco World Heritage Site)
  4. Ganga Maiya Park, Rock Garden
  5. Sikkim: It makes a four hour journey from Darjeeling to Sikkim. This land is known for its scenic beauty and natural landscapes.
  6. Lava and Lolegaon: Two small picturesque hamlets, Situated at an altitude of 7200 and 5500 ft respectively, near Darjeeling.
In a nutshell, Darjeeling is an extremely beautiful place, with lots of equally enchanting excursions. This destination is worth many visits and trips.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

WordPress XML Sitemap: All You Need To Know

In this article I am going to tell you about XML Sitemaps for WordPress. Most of the websites on internet have an option of sitemap on their site. Do you know What is sitemap. A sitemap list all pages on a particular websites that can be easily crawled by search engines.
WordPress XML Sitemap: All You Need To Know
In previous days most of the websites have HTML sitemaps. But these days most sitemaps are in XML format. XML sitemaps are specially made for search engines. Creating XML sitemap for any site is a part of Search Engine Optimization. If you have not created any sitemap then it is one the biggest SEO mistakes. If you are newbie to WordPress or recently started a WordPress websites then this post is must read for you. I will tell you What you should know about WordPress XML Sitemaps?

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WordPress XML Sitemap: Introduction

First I will tell you the term Sitemap. Sitemap is a list of all pages on your site that can be accessible to users. But when it comes to XML Sitemap, it is the best way to tell search engines about any new page on your site. If you recently publish an article on your site, search engines will visit XML Sitemap to crawl the new article on your site. If you are thinking of that it will boost any site's traffic then there is no for this question. XML sitemap is all about better interaction of any site with search engines.

Do You Need A WordPress XML Sitemap?

Yes, your WordPress website or blog need an XML Sitemap. In fact XML Sitemap is vital for every WordPress website. I have already stated that XML Sitemap will not improve any type of web traffic. But it will better index your site and its all pages in search engines.

For any news WordPress site, XML Sitemap is very helpful. It will index the new site in search engine in no time. With XML Sitemap, search engines will know about all pages, how often the site is updated and much more.

If you want better visibility of your site in search engine and better indexing then XML Sitemap is only way.

Know How To Create XML Sitemap In WordPress?

Creating XML Sitemap in WordPress is very easy. At WorBloS I use Google XML Sitemap which is one of the essential plugins for WordPress. Google XML Sitemap is the best WordPress plugin for XML Sitemap creation. Although you can use WordPress SEO By Yoast which has an option for creating sitemap in XML format. WordPress SEO by Yoast is used here for on-page seo. I don't recommend you to use Yoast XML Sitemap because later you have to deal with Yoast SEO XML 404 error. Why make our life complex just for sitemap.

Now come to point, For XML Sitemap creation, you just need to install Google XML Sitemap WordPress plugin. After installing this plugin, you can find the sitemap in XML format at "". Like for WorBloS our sitemap is located at "".

To configuring this plugin Go To Settings > XML-Sitemap, you will find all basic setting for sitemap there.

How To Submit XML Sitemap To Search Engine?

Without submitting the sitemap to major search engines like Google, It is of no use. Only after submitting the sitemap to search engines, they will know about your WordPress site in better way. So how to submit sitemap created to search engines. Most newbies find it difficult to submit it to search engines .

Although when you publish an article, a ping is sent to Google and Bing which will inform about new changes in site. however I recommend you to submit sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools. After submitting you will have much precious data bout your site like total pages crawled, errors and other useful data.

First you need to go to Google Webmaster Tools and sign in with your Google account. After logging in, the most important task is to verify your WordPress site with Google Webmaster Tools. Now go to webmaster tools dashboard. Click on you site name. On next screen, you will see a column of sitemap with no sitemap. Now click on that. After that on next screen you will see red button labeled “Add/Test Sitemap”.

Click on that red button. It will show a small box with url. Now you have enter just sitemap.xml in blank section. Now click on submit button. Its done. Now it will show as pending. You have wait some time so that Google crawl your all pages. After successful crawling you can see precious data about your site.


Most of the question about Sitemap like What is Sitemap, why you need it and how to submit it to search engines for WordPress is answered in this post. If you have any doubt or  question, you can tell that in comment section.